Always Put the Exacto Knife Away

I am trying to get somethings ready ahead of time for Easter. I started making the meatloaf tonight and freeze it until Sunday. I’m trying to straighten up the kitchen while I’m cleaning up from making the meatloaf. I begin putting things away until I come across the exacto knife. That goes upstairs in the closet and seems like such a far walk at that moment. So I hide it under the edge of the fruit bowl so that it looks like everything has been put away. I wash the bowls, measuring cups, and spoons….then dry the bowls, measuring cups, and spoons. Now it’s time to clean any food that has dropped on the counter. I grab my trusty 409 Lemon spray and begin dousing the countertops. I take my rag and really start scrubbing them. Everything has to be perfectly clean. I am scrubbing as hard as I can. Going to each section of countertop. The last section has the fruit bowl. I am scrubbing away and need to make sure I get close to the bowl…just in case any crumbs fell under the edge….then….OWWWWWW….found the Exacto knife again.

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How Do You Clean Your Kitchen Floor?

One hot summer day, a loooong time ago. My brother and I were probably about 10 and 8. I had a friend over. Our babysitter was peacefully sitting on the couch watching her favorite day shows. Jeff and I, being the helpful kids that we are, had just watched Pipi Long Stockings, and were inspired to wash the kitchen floor, just as she did. Our babysitter, much to her surprise, thought we were on to a wonderful idea. (Maybe she had never watched Pipi Longstockings, or maybe we didn’t tell her exactly how we planned to wash the floor) We had everything under control and were ready to wash our 10′ x 10′ kitchen. We got the 5 gallon buckets, one for each of us. Filled them with the sprayer from the sink. We found every sponge we could, one for each of our feet. Soap was under the sink. We scowered the junk drawers for six rubber bands. We secured the sponges to our feet with the rubber bands. We were prepared and ready to dunk our feet, two at a time into our own, almost completely filled buckets. Oops, water sloshed over the edge of the buckets as we thoroughly soaked our sponges. Hopping out to begin the floor washing we began to slide our feet along the floor making sure to scrub and reach every inch of the kitchen floor. While also making sure to use plenty of soapy water…it had to be very clean. After we thoroughly soaked the floor, the sponges didn’t seem to work so well anymore, they kept sliding off our feet. Who needed sponges when you could use your bare-feet. Nothing scrubs dirt off the floor like running, then sliding your bare-feet as far as you can go across our linoleum floor. Now with about 2 inches of waters on our kitchen floor we had just started a slip-n-slide when in walked our babysitter……

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The Beauty of a Flower

There is something about flowers that make everything seem so fresh and pretty, as if they are breathing new life into us with each bloom that begins to open. They are so perfectly beautiful at every stage, starting with just the smallest bud and a hint of color. As the bud opens and the flower begins to bloom and unravel each delicate petal for an every changing sight. I’m in awe every time I stop to really look closely at the beauty beheld by each flower no matter how intricately tiny or how voluptuously large it is. Every petal is so delicate, it is amazing to think they survive outside in the wind, rain, and blistering sun of the spring, summer, fall. Thank goodness for mother nature!

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My Grandma

My grandma used to watch my brother and I a lot when we were little. She was there for a little while before and after school, and in the summers. She was the most vivacious babysitter that we ever had. She and my grandpa lived next door to us (they still live next to my parents’ house), so it was very convenient for us to have her come over. My brother and I fought like cats and dogs, so it required a lot of energy to watch us. She managed to keep us entertained and usually out of trouble. We had so much fun with her. In the winter she would jump rope with us in one of the hallways in our house. We built fort after fort out of the family room and living room couch cushions and extra bed sheets. We played hide-and-seek for hours. Jeff and I got to become pretty good rummy players. In the summer she spent hours with us in the pool, helping us learn to swim. She always made us an after school snack. Baked potatoes are the memory that comes back to me. She would cook them in the oven, and poke steam holes in them. She always made sure to poke holes in the shape of an M for me and in the shape of a J for my brother.

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There are those few fleeting moments every sunny night when you can see the beautiful rays of color spray through the sky. All different shades of purples, pinks, oranges smoldering between rays of sunshine. The blue sky and cotton white clouds seamlessly forming the most perfect backdrop. There is never anything quite like it, even from night to night. You take the moment to pause and enjoy it….by the time you try to share the beautiful sight, the sun has faded down below the horizon only to be caught in all its shining beauty the next night.

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Cooks in the Kitchen

I am always so amazed as I watch people get food ready in the kitchen for a party. We were at my cousins house for St. Patrick’s Day, her birthday, and my Aunt Nora’s birthday. Everything seems pretty relaxed, just a couple of quick checks that most people probably wouldn’t even notice…until SHOWTIME. As serving time approaches, it’s all hands on deck in the kitchen (as long as you aren’t getting in the way). Everyone is working like a fine oiled machine. Take the pan out of the oven (hope it’s finished), put the hot pad on the counter, cut the meat, cut the bread, take out the salad dressing, and the list goes on. It’s almost like watching a juggling act as pans, dishes, silverware, and baskets are being taken down, put out, and passed around. As the cooks in the kitchen finish putting out the last details of dinner, the dinner call is heard and passed throughout the house, and the masses of family and friends rush to the kitchen as if famished. The cooks fade to the back…PHEW!…is written all over their faces!

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The Lake House

Cozy nights
Old house
Fish fry
Fluffy covers
Good book
Hard work
Dogs playing
Italian lights
Big yard
Tall trees
Skinny stairs
Rolling floors
Mismatched carpet
Worry free
Best cookies

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