How Do You Clean Your Kitchen Floor?

One hot summer day, a loooong time ago. My brother and I were probably about 10 and 8. I had a friend over. Our babysitter was peacefully sitting on the couch watching her favorite day shows. Jeff and I, being the helpful kids that we are, had just watched Pipi Long Stockings, and were inspired to wash the kitchen floor, just as she did. Our babysitter, much to her surprise, thought we were on to a wonderful idea. (Maybe she had never watched Pipi Longstockings, or maybe we didn’t tell her exactly how we planned to wash the floor) We had everything under control and were ready to wash our 10′ x 10′ kitchen. We got the 5 gallon buckets, one for each of us. Filled them with the sprayer from the sink. We found every sponge we could, one for each of our feet. Soap was under the sink. We scowered the junk drawers for six rubber bands. We secured the sponges to our feet with the rubber bands. We were prepared and ready to dunk our feet, two at a time into our own, almost completely filled buckets. Oops, water sloshed over the edge of the buckets as we thoroughly soaked our sponges. Hopping out to begin the floor washing we began to slide our feet along the floor making sure to scrub and reach every inch of the kitchen floor. While also making sure to use plenty of soapy water…it had to be very clean. After we thoroughly soaked the floor, the sponges didn’t seem to work so well anymore, they kept sliding off our feet. Who needed sponges when you could use your bare-feet. Nothing scrubs dirt off the floor like running, then sliding your bare-feet as far as you can go across our linoleum floor. Now with about 2 inches of waters on our kitchen floor we had just started a slip-n-slide when in walked our babysitter……

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4 Responses to How Do You Clean Your Kitchen Floor?

  1. Ha ha ha! Such a kid moment. I love the details, like getting the rubber bands for the sponges…and the escalation of washing into slip n’ slide.
    Cliff hanger ending works well, too. Thanks.

  2. That reminds me of a water fight we had at my grandparents’ cabin. It wasn’t just the kids either. The aunts and uncles were participating full force. There was water everywhere. My grandparents arrived a little earlier than we were expecting and came upon the 2 inches of water on the kitchen floor. Boy was my grandma mad! It was one of the few times I saw her get mad. 🙂

  3. brighidk28 says:

    Hahaa… I was just going to ask what your babysiter was doing all this time!?? This is awesome. What a great memory bt you and your brother. I’m sure it’s a keeper for your sitter too.

  4. ccahill2013 says:

    Such fun memories! Love the playfulness.

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