The Vet

How does the vet do it…he’s amazing and makes it look so easy! I brought Cooper to see the Vet for an ear infection. All you had to do was take the ear cleaning solution and squeeze a steady stream until you could see a pool brimming at the top edge of his ear. No problem! So the next night I try it myself. I had him sit on the pillow next to me in bed. I pet him for a minute and let him smell the bottle then I proceeded to squeeze the cleaning solution into his ear. He bolted his head back as I kept squeezing solution all over my leg, he shook, like he’s never shook before, ear cleaning solution went all over me and the bed. Next idea….bring him in the bathroom and set him up on the slippery bathroom countertop. I wrap my elbows around his body and lock him from moving while I hold the solution in one hand and his ear in another. I start squeezing the solution, I see the twitch before the shake of the head coming on…I drop the bottle…get sprayed with ear cleaning solution (not as much as the first time)…grab the cotton swabs….and plug his ear. I don’t know how much if any solution actually stayed in his ear…better luck next time

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Christmas Eve

We spend every Christmas Eve with my aunt and cousins. We go to see a movie, usually a Christmas one. Then we head over to what begins my favorite part of the night….relaxing in my Aunt Del’s cozy home. I don’t know what it is about that night and being at her house, but I love it. There are usually about 15 or 16 of us, depending on the year, stuffed into the first floor of her delightful cape cod style home. Smells of fresh warm bread and a mix of seasonings seep out of the oven and drift from the kitchen into the family room. Every inch of countertop and kitchen table is covered and stacked with a dish of heavenly food and drinks likes hot chocolate and cider, made to warm your soul. A steady buzz can be heard all night long. People are everywhere, across from each other, on top of each other, next to each other….always lingering back and forth from conversations one room to conversations in the other and back again. Presents are scattered all about and a frenzy of madness ensues as we all climb into the family room, ready to rip open the packages. Everyone has something bright and shiny with waterfalls of ribbons and tags and colorful bows. As the night winds down we begin to leave by the car full. It’s time to head home, to fall asleep as fast as we can, with the anticipation of Santa Claus visiting very soon…

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Friends whether near or far,
are with you where ever you are.

Friends a few simple words,
are all that need to be heard.

Friends can understand you thoughts,
without having to try a lot.

Friends leave you free,
to explore all possibilities.

Friends in a group or just the two of you,
let you be you.

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Your Dogs Sleeping Spot?

Do your dogs sleep in your bed or somewhere on the floor?

Layla(on the left) Cooper(on the right)

My two little puppies, Cooper and Layla. They have their own way of knowing just how to make you feel extra special. There is never anyone as excited to see me as the two of them. And they can find a way to make me smile even on a bad day. Cooper always has a goofy look on his face and cocks his head to the side when you talk to him, like he can actually understand what I am saying to him. (I believe what is really going through his mind is: Am I getting a treat out of this). Then, there is Layla who will snuggle up to anyone that she can get to scratch her little belly. These pets become so much a part of our lives.

Every once in a while I let them sleep in bed. When I give them the command to Go To Bed, they give me those puppy dog eyes, slowly get up from their very comfy looking position nestled in the covers of the bed, looking at me the whole time, giving me every last chance to change my mind….those adorable faces are TOO irresistible….and I CAVE…well, last night was one of those nights. We slept pretty peacefully until I woke up at 3 in the morning with Layla stretching her little back paws right into the side of my ribs, while Cooper lay on the other side of me curled up behind my knees. So I had now become immobile, in order to keep the two of them comfortable. I laid there for maybe a half hour hoping I could nudge one of them enough to get them to reposition so that I could get more comfortable and fall asleep. Didn’t happen…I remember why I only let them sleep in bed occasionally. 15 more minute go by and I decide enough is enough…it’s time to wake them up. They begrudgingly get up and hop down to where each of them sleep. Finally I am able to fall back to sleep.

Ever happened to you?

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Wisconsin Dells Campfire

Each year at the end of the summer before us kids would all go back to school, my family, Mom, Dad, and brother, Jeff would have one last ho-rah. We went to the same place, Wisconsin Dells, and stayed at the same campground, Yogi Bear, with the same people, my Aunt Nora, Uncle Dave, cousins: Brian, Debbie, and Amanda, at campsites right next to each other. My Aunt and Uncle had a pop-up trailer and would turn their camper facing ours. Some years we would have additional people tag along. It was always the more the merrier.

We got there on Thursday, Friday went to the water park, Saturday went fishing, Sunday was the end of the trip. These vacations bring back the fondest memories. Saturday night was always one of my favorites. After what was always a full day of fishing, we would come back to the campground and eat. As the sun set and we finished the last of our dinner, someone would always get the fire started. The warmth and crackling of the fire glowed bright in the coolness of the late August night. We each had a chair around the fire. We sat mesmerized for hours, full from a big dinner. Rehashing the events of the weekend, the sky-scraping water slide we went down, the ginormous fish that was realed to within inches of the boat, but didn’t quite make it all the way ON the boat, but we swear we saw it, and it was THIS LONG (shown by the biggest stretch of our arms). One by one we all eventually mosied back to our own camper trailer to snuggle up with a big blanket. As I lay in my bunk bed with my window open, I could hear the crackling and the faint voices of those still sitting around the fire. As the line of awakeness and sleep became blurred I drifted off into a sweet dream-filled slumber.

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Where does the time go?

It’s here and then it’s gone in a blink of an eye, it flies by so fast. There is never enough of it. I am almost sure, there really are NOT a full 60 seconds in a minute. And every year that goes by, the seconds in a minute have been decreasing steadily. Too many things to do. One more store to stop at. One more e-mail to send. One more call to make. One more idea to get ready for school. One more minute to snooze. One more time to pet the dogs. One more I love you!

I would like some extra…please!

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This piece was inspired by one of my students…

What does home mean to you?

A place to rest,
a place to dream,
a place to decorate,
a place to love,
a place to scream,
a place to dance,
a place to dine,
a place to talk,
a place to snuggle in,
a place to keep busy in,
a place to be…

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